Activities & Publications

Public Lecture
"Politics and Social Protection in the Namibian and African context"
Speaker: Prof. Joseph Diescho
Discussant : Mr Mahongora Kavihuha
Date: Tuesday ,17 October 2017
Time : 17h30
Venue: Video Conferencing Room Main Library,UNAM,Windhoek

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Public Lecture
"African Union Agenda 2063 and Social Protection"
Speaker: Adv. Bianca Gawanas
Discussant : Dr. Michael Akuupa
Date: Wednesday, 13th of September 2017
Time : 17h30
Venue: Video Conferencing Room Main Library,UNAM,Windhoek
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Southern Africa Regional Youth Forum (SARYF)
Date : 08 -13 October 2017
Venue: NUST
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Public Lecture

"The Social Protection System in South Africa "
Speaker: Prof. Letlhokwa George Mpedi discussants N.N. from Namibia
Date : Wednesday, 09 August 2017
Time : 17H30
Venue: Video Conferencing Room Main Library, Unam ,Windhoek
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38th Public Dialogue
SACU and Namibia :The Future
Ms Paulina M Elago ,Executive Secretary - SACU
Date : 13 July 2017
Venue: Furstenhof Hotel Windhoek
Time: 08H30
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Public Lecture ''The Social and Economic Impact of Social Protection''.
Speaker :
Prof . Alex van den Heever & two discussants N.N. from Namibia
Date : Wednesday 17 May 2017
Time :17H30
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Panel Discussion
Analysis of the National Budget 2017/18
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Gender Base Violence (GBV)
Programs for 2017

REGAIN TRUST in partnership with the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) run a series of public dialogues on Gender Based Violence last year. Due popular demand these series were re-launched this year. This time around the program is being hosted in Katuturaand Khomasdal. The overall objectives of the program are to raise awareness and educate the Namibian people; to influence legislation and lobby for enforcement and ultimately reduce and mitigate its impact.
Below the poster exhibits the roll out program of the Gender Based Violence series

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Events of the Forum of Experts on Social Protection in Namibia (FESP)

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) in partnership with the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Namibia (UNAM) successfully launched the "Forum of Experts on Social Protection in Namibia" (FESP) on the 7th of March 2017. Our guest for this remarkable occasion was Prof. Dr. Michael Cichon, an international expert on Social Protection who was appointed as the Director of the Social Security Department of the International Labour Organization (ILO) in 2005.

Current Event:

Public Lecture : "The Philosophical Foundations of Social Protection and their impact on National Policies."
Speaker : Prof. Evance Rabban Kalula & two discussants N.N from Namibia
Date : Tuesday , 4th of April 2017
Time : 17h30
Venue: Video Conferencing Room Main Library,UNAM,Windhoek.
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Previous Events:
Launch of Forum for Expert on Social Protection in Namibia (FESP)
Theme : "Economic and Social Impact of Social Protection "
Speaker : Prof.Dr Michael Cichon
Date : Tuesday 7th of March 2017
Time :15H00
Venue : Safari Court & Conference Centre, Windhoek.
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Public Lecture "Social Protection as a Precondition for Sustainable Development "
Speaker : Prof.Dr Michael Cichon
Date : Wednesday, 8th of March 2017
Time : 15H00
Venue : Video Conferencing Room Main Library Unam Windhoek
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Public Dialogue 1
Theme : What is the Price for Namibia Energy Supply ?
Date : 21 February 2017
Time : 17:30 till late
Venue : NamPower Convention Centre
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Public Dialogue 2
Theme : "The NEEEF bill is it a vital tool to address Workers Co-Ownership within the Namibian Economy ?"
Date : 23 February 2017
Time : 18h00 till late
Venue : GZ Function Centre
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NNFU Northern Communal Areas Agricultural Stakeholders Conference: 25-27 October 2016, Rundu
Article by Mr. Naumann in IPG Journal about Reconciliation ( article in German)
GBV Public Dialogue Series

GBV - The voice of the Survivors
Powering Namibia into the future 2015
Film on Farmworkers
Working for Social Democracy in Namibia - 2015
Training Young Namibians - 11 May 2015
MANWU Publication

TUCNA Development Policy Proposals - November 2014
YLDP Yearbook - 2014

A Critical Analysis of Namibia FY2013/14 National Budget
by Leonard Kamwi
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Alternatives to TIPEEG:
Possibilities for Employment Creation in Namibia
Paper by Herbert Jauch, presented at a parliamentary forum hosted by the FES
in Windhoek on 6 March 2013
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Namibia’s Reforms of State-Owned Enterprises: Past experiences and challenges ahead
by Mr. Herbert Jauch, Labour Researcher and Educator
Windhoek, August 16 2012
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The scramble for the city-urbanization in Namibia
by Ms. Anna Muller and Ms. Elizabeth Amakali
Windhoek, August 2012
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NDP 4: Are we on the right track?

Windhoek, May 16 2012
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Trade policy formulation and regional integration initiatives in Southern Africa
by Mr. Richard Kamidza, Regional Trade Advisor
Windhoek 2012
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Regional integration through “Walvis Bay Corridors” for the Southern African Region
by Mr. Johny M. Smith , CEO WBCG
Windhoek, June 16 2012
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Context and State of paly in the EPA’s: Negotiations in the SADC Region

by Mr. Richard Kamidza, Regional Trade Advisor
Windhoek, August 16 2012
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National Health Insurance for the low-income workforce in Namibia
by Benedikt Brockmeyer, Intern, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung
Windhoek, June 14 2012
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Overview of Development / Capital Budget
by National Planning Commission
Windhoek, 1 March 2012
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National Budget 2012/13 Critical Review of Outcomes and Design
by Leonard Kamwi
Windhoek, 1 March 2012
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2012/13 Budget and the Corresponding MTEF - Key Highlights
by Ministry of Finance
Windhoek, 1 March 2012
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TIPEEG: Is it goof for Investment, Employment creation and Poverty alleviation?
by Dr. Asoka Seneviratne
Windhoek, 1 March 2012
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